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The trees are changing colors, and the temperatures are dropping. Soon, winter weather will be wreaking havoc on your lot. Don’t let it catch you off-guard. It’s never too soon to start your winter weather preparations. Here’s a simple 5 step guide to get your lot ready for winter.

1. Check your materials.

Make sure you have plenty of salt, deicers and scrapers on hand. Stock up on signs, markers and cones to direct traffic in case of flooding, excessive ice, or other unsafe conditions.

2. Have a plan.

Develop a plan for lot inspection, care and maintenance during the winter months. Additionally, formalize a protocol for closing off any hazardous areas. Taking proper safety precautions will prevent pedestrians and drivers from being injured. Partner with a reputable company (like A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing) for your snow removal needs. It is imperative that you select a professional company that has the expertise to remove snow without causing damage to your asphalt or curbs. Before plowing, place markers around raised parking blocks, curbs and islands.

3. Perform an intensive cleaning.

Now is the perfect time to give your lot a thorough cleaning. Sweep and power wash to remove debris. Ensure your drains are cleared and that water is moving properly to avoid flooding and freezing.

4. Conduct a comprehensive inspection.

Once your lot is clean, perform a meticulous inspection to identify any cracks or holes. Water will settle in these places, and will expand as it turns to ice. Small cracks can become bigger cracks, which can potentially become potholes.

5. Repair and Revamp.

Have all cracks sealed and repair any potholes. If the damage is extensive, it’s not too late to have your whole lot repaved. Arrange to have the lot re-striped if the lines are unclear. Finally, consider having the lot sealed. Sealing will help prevent damage from moisture penetration.

Properly preparing your commercial lot for winter weather will protect against future damage. A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing provides all the services you will need to keep your lot in immaculate condition all year long. Contact us today for more information.