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Asphalt Sealing

Has your parking lot lost the beautiful black luster it once had? Are you beginning to see cracks and damaged areas? If so, give A1 Asphalt a call and let us help you extend the life of your parking lot. We are the premier contractor for parking lot sealing in the Midwest Region. We offer exceptional customer relations, expedient service and we only use high quality products manufactured right in your own backyard. Our exceptional parking lot sealing services can bring life back to your pavement while also greatly increasing the curb appeal to your customer and of your business in general. We are also one of the few area contractors that offers in-house striping services which allows the reopening of your lot normally within 24 hours.

  • Pavement issues are often caused by surface deterioration due to weathering, oxidation, petroleum solvents and over time, traffic use.
  • Left unprotected, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes brittle with the breakdown of emulsions resulting in cracks and potholes.
  • Sealing ensures the longevity of your parking lot preventing costly repairs in the future.
  • Our team will clean your parking lot, crack fill if needed, then apply one to two coats of an environmentally friendly sealer (described below) making your area look new again!
A1 Asphalt Utilizes Seal Master Pavement Products and Equipment

SealMaster® Liquid Road Ultra Blend Pavement Sealer for Roads- Asphalt and Blacktop Sealcoating

Liquid Road™ Ultra Blend Pavement Sealer is a polymer-modified, fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion coating that contains specifically graded aggregate and is applied to bituminous pavement surfaces. Liquid Road Ultra Blend is a ready to apply material that is factory blended with aggregate. Liquid Road Ultra Blend is a highly durable, slip-resistant surface treatment that greatly extends pavement service life.

SealMaster® Polymer-Modified MasterSeal (PMM) Ultra Blend Pavement Sealer – Asphalt and Blacktop Sealcoating

Polymer-Modified MasterSeal (PMM) Ultra Blend Pavement Sealer is an environmentally friendly mineral filled asphalt emulsion pavement sealer blended with polymers and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. PMM Ultra Blend is a higher solids, faster drying pavement sealer designed to beautify and protect asphalt pavement. PMM Ultra Blend is a ready to apply material that is factory blended with aggregate. PMM Ultra Blend is ideal for protecting and beautifying all types of pavement surfaces including parking lots, shopping malls, airports, driveways, roadways and more.

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We provide a wide variety of services that both our customer and us can be very proud of. From a simple restripe to a complete overlay of your parking lot, we can take care of you!