Can the Water Blaster Help on Your Project?


A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing LLC provides water blasting, crack filling, and striping throughout the Midwest and southern regions for all your airport project needs. Water blasting services include rubber removal, striping removal, and paint rejuvenation of runways and taxiways. Our unit is set up with a separate tractor carrying the blasting head which allows us to get into tighter places such as around gates. The blasting unit provides up to 40,000 psi of water pressure allowing us to tackle even the toughest projects. The unit can also be run on a lower pressure setting allowing us to rejuvenate existing striping and extending the life of your runway markings.

Our crack filling services meet all material specs for airports. In accordance with airport specifications, we route and clean all cracks with high pressure air prior to installation of rubber to provide an exceptional seal. Backer rod can also be utilized where circumstances/specifications warrant its use. Crack filling is a key component to maintaining the integrity of the asphalt and longevity of the runway. Crack filling helps prevent water intrusion from deteriorating the asphalt/concrete and developing potholes.

We also provide runway/taxiway striping services that meet all specifications. We use high quality paints and beads that meet all airport specs which allows us to provide superior services to ensure all planes can safely use your runway.


A1 Asphalt provides concrete rejuvenation on older lots to remove mold, algae and tree sap.

Water blasting will brighten up your parking lots and provide a new fresh appearance. We will use light to medium water pressure to brighten up the lots but not cause damage to surface.

The water blaster can also remove incorrect pavement marking to help eliminate confusion in your lot. We also provide striping services to complete the rejuvenation of your parking lot.

This service is for businesses that have concrete lots, and we can perform the services at night to avoid disruption to your parking lot. This service will also remove oil and other stains from your lot. This will eliminate the need of having your personnel disrupting the lot for multiple days with simple pressure washers. What would typically take a pressure washer multiple disruptive days can now be completed in a single night. Our water blaster has a self-contained vacuum integrated into the machine which allows us to virtually eliminate standing water and cleanup.


A1 Asphalt is here to assist with all of your city road needs including utilizing our water blaster to remove old thermoplastic and cracking paint. We also provide striping services to assist in refreshing your roads, intersections, and stop bars. We are capable of meeting multiple specs to ensure your city gets the product that they desire. We can even stripe with MMA paint which has become the new alternative to thermoplastic paint. MMA paint is much less susceptible to cracking while providing the same longevity as thermoplastic paint.

Also, the water blaster can be used for stray lines from old projects or old lines with expansion to roads. This provides a much cleaner look and allows new cars that are guided by cameras to read the lines in the road to better determine the location of the actual striping. It has become the new federal preference to water blast lines instead of scarifying them.

We provide the following services:

  • Removal of striping paint & thermoplastic
  • Removal of rubber on runways & taxiways
  • Removal of crack filler
  • Rejuvenating paint along airport runways
  • Rejuvenating concrete with low pressure water
  • Cleaning lots after large construction projects
  • Removal of mold, algae, tree sap, and oil spots (concrete only)

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