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As your one-stop shop for all of your asphalt maintenance needs, we also offer asphalt paving services, such as, new asphalt installation or milling and replacement of large damaged areas with a hot mix asphalt. We are here to provide you with the quality service you deserve by using top-notch paving professionals. Their knowledge will ensure that you are satisfied with your experience and the finished product.

  • Asphalt Paving: We will ensure your asphalt is installed to the specifications needed for the usage of your parking lot
  • Asphalt Milling: We will mill out damaged areas down to the proper depth with our machinery and install new hot mix asphalt that will be rolled in to ensure proper compaction.
  • Asphalt Overlay: This is done as the installation of 2 inches minimum of hot mix asphalt over your existing parking lot.

Concrete Services

We can provide you with something as simple as striping, as well as sidewalk repair, curbing or tear out, removal and replacement of a damaged area in your parking lot. With parking lot repairs, we will strive to ensure the area is reopened in a timely manner. We also offer a variety of concrete finishing services. Whatever the job may be, we are here to assist you with your concrete needs.

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A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC

We provide a wide variety of services that both our customer and us can be very proud of. From a simple restripe to a complete overlay of your parking lot, we can take care of you!