Quality Parking Lot Striping Service in the Midwest Region

Parking Lot Striping

Has your parking lot striping faded and your customers having a difficult time determining where to park? Have you recently had parking lot maintenance performed and your pavement markings have been removed? A1 Asphalt can assist you in remedying these situations. Whether you are needing a simple restripe of your current markings or a complete new layout done, we will bring new life to your parking lot. Asphalt or concrete, no problem! We are equipped with top of the line striping machines which include Graco Stripers with auto-layout features and line lasers to ensure perfection in a fraction of the time. The appearance of your lot is a top priority of ours as we mainly use high quality Sherwin Williams paint. We can also add glass beads to your markings to make them reflective.

A1 can also help you with any of your signage projects. We can core drill into your lot to install bollards, poles and any sign particular to your needs.

We also have the capability of Scarifying. This is the minimal grinding of the removal of paint from asphalt or concrete.

A1 Striping Services Include:

  • Parking Spaces
  • Handicap Spaces
  • No Parking Areas
  • Lettering
  • Numbering
  • Curved Lines
  • Straight Lines
  • Parking Blocks
  • Various Symbols
  • New Parking Lot Striping Layout
  • Glass beads
  • various signage
  • poles
  • bollards
  • core drilling
  • Scarifying


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A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC

We provide a wide variety of services that both our customer and us can be very proud of. From a simple restripe to a complete overlay of your parking lot, we can take care of you!