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Spring is right around the corner, but that patio and driveway remains in shambles. But there is no need to wait for summer to finish these important home improvement projects. The answer is concrete for patios and driveways. Concrete is time-tested and proven. Most importantly it is durable, and there are many modern techniques that make the concrete driveway not only attractive, but a beautiful piece of artwork that can improve the curb appeal and value of your home.

Many do not realize that the winter time is a great time for concrete work. The process is actually aided by the cooler temperatures because concrete generates heat while it cures, and the cooler temperature allows the dissipation of heat for a tough uniform finished product.

Top finishes of concrete come in a variety of styles and colors and the concrete areas can be bordered with brick or stone to give the unique stunning design that you desire.

The first place to start is to look at your space for a patio or driveway and take a few measurements. Make a sketch of the shape and then place the measurements on the sketch. From this, calculate areas of square footage. The cost of concrete patios and driveways can be estimated from the required square footage.

After the rough design and square footage has been determined, start looking around for specific design patterns, colors, accent brick edging, and finishing top coats that appeal to you. List these design concepts next to your sketch.

Then the real fun begins. Bring your sketch to A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing and let us help you make the final design decisions using our experience. Then, when all of the decisions are made, you sit back while we do all the work. Soon, before summer even peaks its head, you will be ready with that patio or driveway you always wanted.

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