As a business owner, you take pride in your accomplishments that have gotten you where you are today. However, you may notice that your surrounding asphalt parking lot or concrete surface leaves much to be desired. Many may believe potholes and large cracks are the biggest issues, but weeds can end up causing quite a bit of damage over time if not properly treated and removed.

Weed ‘em Out

Anyone who tends to a garden or landscaping know that weeds will grow almost anywhere and can quickly get out of control if left unmanaged. With hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete, they can sprout up through otherwise minor cracks, eat away at crumbling edges, and even push up from underneath a thinning surface, cracking it more or creating bumps and trip hazards. The roots themselves cause a large amount of damage, breaking down the surface. The moment you notice weeds sprouting, get rid of them right away.

Pulling them will most likely result in only a momentary absence unless you are sure you got all of the root structure, as well. This may prove difficult or impossible if growing from beneath a solid surface, so use a weed killer to prevent weeds from returning. If you aren’t sure which to use, consult with a landscape professional as some herbicides may result in environmental harm, especially as they are easily washed away from concrete or asphalt into storm drains.

Fill in the Cracks

Properly removing the weeds is only the first step in preventing any future growth. If your lot is still riddled with cracks, you will be fighting an uphill battle. Cracks should be filled in as soon as possible to not only prevent weed growth, but also any further damage to the surface from weather conditions and daily wear and tear. This regular, routine maintenance step will help prolong the life of your surface and save you money in the long run.

Got Asphalt? Seal It Up

Asphalt surfaces need sealing once every few years in order to remain protected. Sealing not only helps the appearance of the surface look like new, but also prevent any unwanted, costly damage. It will help keep the surface strong against even some of the worst weeds. Because the climate and amount of traffic on the surface can have a major impact on how long the sealing material lasts, it’s best to seek professional advice regarding this step.

Keep it Clean

Weeds tend to travel easily, blowing in the wind and growing where they land. Keep your parking lot clean by regularly removing leaves, rocks, and more that may aid in breaking down the surface for weed growth. Of course, this will also help enhance the overall appearance of your property, provide a safer experience for vehicles and pedestrians, and prolong the life of the surface.

Ask the Professionals

Probably the single-most helpful thing you can do to ensure your parking lot is well maintained all year long is to seek the advice of a professional. Not only can they provide helpful tips and tricks for keeping your parking lot in top condition, but can also offer services to save you time and money. If your parking lot or other asphalt or concrete surface is in need of repairs, contact us today.

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