When you think about the term “reusable,” what comes to mind? Is it sustainability and cost-effectiveness? What about strength and adaptability? All that and more applies to asphalt milling, which is the process of grinding up asphalt from previously-constructed projects, then repurposing it for new developments. The end-product is a much better option for use than traditional gravel for durability and for the environment.

What is Asphalt Milling?

The process of asphalt milling is essentially removing a portion of asphalt pavement or an entire paved surface area and grinding it up to be used again. This does not always have to be complete removal, as asphalt milling can also be done to help smooth down areas of parking lots that may be a bit thicker than the rest. If being used to fully remove a surface, the area is open to be paved again, or the millings can be used as a cost-effective replacement.

Why Use Asphalt Milling?

As previously stated, asphalt millings can be a substantially cheaper alternative than the use of traditional gravel as you’re not having to create or add new material. Using repurposed asphalt eliminates some of the production and transportation costs typically associated when redoing parking lots, roads, and more. Repurposed asphalt also hardens over time, increasing the longevity of the material.

In addition to its low cost, it also saves you time. Traditional gravel is more susceptible to damage caused by weather, particularly in environments with harsher winters; dust, mud, and snow accumulation could become major concerns because of the fragility of the material. This requires routine inspection and maintenance to ensure its integrity hasn’t been compromised, taking more of your time and money.

Asphalt milling is also much more environmentally friendly. Think of the project as essentially recycling of the pavement rather than simply throwing it away. If you are looking for ways to increase your business’ sustainability efforts, or potential tax credit eligibility, asphalt milling is a great choice. It’s also recommended for companies with LEED considerations (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as it can actually help you earn credits.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective, sustainable material to use for your next project, contact us to learn more about our asphalt milling service.

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