While parking lots are the most obvious example of an area for painting or striping, there are many other less obvious areas that may require paint. These grounds may have striping as decoration or require striping as a critical component to function.


Large playgrounds in parks and at schools can consist of tracks, courts, and areas where children can just hang out. Ground paint can direct people to designated areas, such as walking and running tracks where striping guides walkers and runners through the area. Other painted options include hopscotch areas, basketball courts, areas for dodgeball and kickball courts, and even designated areas where supervised students can stand and socialize.

Gathering Spaces

A town square where people assemble for a community event may benefit from lines and labels directing attendees to the different areas of this public space. Painted labels can direct people to restrooms, as well as water and food areas to make everyone’s visit enjoyable.

Areas Requiring Direction

Many institutions would benefit from painting to help direct pedestrians and maintenance crews. Universities typically host a collection of many buildings separated by walkways and drive paths. Arrows and lettering can direct people to administration buildings, libraries, food courts, study halls, and dormitories. Special striping can also direct maintenance crews to paths they are allowed to drive and park on within the grounds. Other large area institutions, such as hospitals and living facilities, benefit from striping and labeling of walkways and driveways to direct people where they need to go and to keep them safe.


Many towns and cities have racetracks where professional and amateur racers can compete, and lot painting can help establish rules and paths for fair competition. Clearly marked paths can also increase safety for competitors and spectators to facilitate an enjoyable experience for all.

Lot painting is an important service for many different areas. Striping and lettering helps establish paths, directs people to their destinations, and increases safety within large areas. We are available for your lot painting needs, so contact us and discover how we can enhance the appearance and safety of any large paved area.