Are you considering re-striping your company’s parking lot? The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that accessible spaces must be provided when a business, state, or local entity re-stripes a parking lot. Here’s how you can make sure your newly re-striped lot will be in compliance.

Number and Location of Accessible Spaces

When re-striping your lot, make sure you account for the correct number of accessible spaces. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act Design Guide, the number of accessible spaces you need is determined by the size of your lot. For example, lots with 1-25 spaces require one accessible space, and large lots with over 1,001 spaces require a minimum of 20 accessible spaces, plus one space for each additional hundred spaces. You will also need to consider the location of accessible spaces when re-striping your lot. Accessible spaces must be located on level ground closest to the nearest accessible entrance; customers should not have to use curbs or stairs to enter your place of business.

Types of Accessible Spaces

Accessible lot spaces must adhere to the correct sizing and be labeled with the correct signage. According to the Design Guide, spaces for cars and vans need to have an adjacent access aisle wide enough for a wheelchair user to get in and out of the vehicle. Van accessible spots are wider to compensate for the larger size of the vehicle and the extra room needed for a wheelchair lift. At least one out of eight accessible parking spaces must be accessible for vans and labeled with a “van accessible” sign.

Sign Terminology

Language used to discuss people with disabilities has changed since the Americans with Disabilities Act was introduced in 1990. When designing your lot, make sure your terminology is correct and uses inclusive language. Missouri House Bill No. 711 requires that all new signage placed to mark accessible spots should read “Accessible Parking” rather than “handicap parking” or “handicapped parking.”

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