The physical condition of your property tells potential clients a great deal about your business.

Do you pay attention to detail? Do you respect your customers and their investments? Do you tackle the small things before they grow into bigger issues?

Now is a good time to take an honest look at your commercial property and decide: What is your parking lot saying about you?

Over time, the elements, chemicals and daily wear take their toll on your asphalt. Eventually, you’ll notice that your business’ parking lot doesn’t accurately reflect the same quality associated with your work. Maintaining your asphalt goes a long way in improving the visual integrity of your commercial property while protecting your investment.

Why Asphalt Sealing?

Asphalt sealing prolongs the life of your asphalt surfaces by shielding them from the elements. As asphalt wears down, a parking lot becomes susceptible to an unsightly finish, hazardous cracks and damaging potholes. Sealing of the asphalt surfaces provides a uniform look and repairs minor imperfections while promoting its longevity, putting off the need for a complete parking lot replacement.

At A1 Asphalt, we use SealMaster® products to give your asphalt the longevity and protection you expect. Widely known for their superior performance and maximum durability, SealMaster®’s Liquid Road™ Ultra Blend Sealer and Polymer-Modified MasterSeal Ultra Blend Pavement Sealer are long-lasting products which will revive your asphalt surfaces for years to come. As fixtures in the industry, our friendly experts can help you determine which sealer is the best choice for your job.

The Time and Money Factor

As a local St. Louis business, we understand that time is money. With asphalt sealing by A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing, you will save both. After stripping, most lots are usable within 24 hours, saving you time and getting you back to business sooner. Preventing major deterioration of your parking lot by having it sealed now extends the longevity of your surfaces – and your investment – preventing you from more costly repairs or a complete replacement.

You don’t want a customer’s first impression of your property to be dodging potholes with their car or hobbling over large cracks and crumbling gravel on their way to the door. If you don’t like what your parking lot is saying about you, let us evaluate the condition of your asphalt surfaces so you can keep your asphalt protected, as well as your investment.