One of the major problems that distribution centers face is maintaining the parking lot. The weight from heavy trucks and their loads can cause the lots to rapidly deteriorate. Without the proper maintenance and asphalt repairs at the right time, owners could be faced with replacing the entire lots sooner than planned. To help stretch the lifespan of your center’s parking, there are a couple ways to keep up with asphalt repairs.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Shutting down operations to re-pave an entire parking lot is not the most cost-effective option for distribution centers. The cost of the pavement coupled with the loss in income from the work stoppage could have a ripple effect on your center’s profits.

To avoid this, work with an experienced paving company like A1 Asphalt Professional Asphalt & Sealing to schedule routine maintenance. We can help map out a strategy for completing the work that will not result in the need to cease operations for a day or more.

Visually Inspect the Parking Lot

The heavy weight of the trucks on the lot can lead to problems suddenly arising. If the problems are detected early, you can have them repaired before they worsen. Ideally, you should walk the parking lot at least once a week to visually inspect it.

During the inspection, look for signs of problems. Standing water, cracks, and pools of oil or gasoline are a clear indication that there is a problem. You should also check the drains for signs of debris accumulation. A large accumulation of asphalt debris could point to a structural weakness in the parking lot’s surface.

Contact us at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC to learn more about protecting and maintaining the asphalt parking lot at your distribution center. We can also help determine whether it is time to repave your distribution center’s entire lot.