Neglected asphalt pavement is visually irritating, inconvenient, and uncomfortable for its users, and it can be a hindrance on the business owner if they’re ever in the market to sell their business. For example, after 20 years, if you never maintain your asphalt combined with the increase damage caused in winter by heavy snow-plowing vehicles, you can find dozens of cracks, gashes, a few potholes, and a couple of craters in your asphalt with crumbling edges. When your paving is “at your end of the line,” you have no choice but to hire the services of a professional asphalt company. Though, before it comes to that, here are a few things you can do to prevent your asphalt from aging.

Repair your asphalt

For 1,000 sq. ft. of area to be repaired, the bill can amount to $3,000, or more. It must be understood that the simple application of a layer of at most 2 ” gives, in principle, an outlay of $2 per sq. ft. While a complete paving work (placing layers of crushed stone and asphalting) costs an estimated $4 to $5 per sq. ft. If your asphalt is brand new or recently restored, maintenance is critical and at the slightest defect, you may need repairs. In any case, do it at least every two years, or more, if necessary.

Seal your asphalt

A crack or a hole is sealed as follows: first, remove debris, second, gravel is placed below the level of the asphalt, and third, it is completed by superimposing cold asphalt or asphalt emulsion up to the upper level. For better care of your asphalt, be sure to brush the edge of the existing asphalt with a primer to promote the bond. In order to correct either a local depression or a rut made by the tires of an automobile, the same procedure will be done, but you’ll first have to break and remove the old asphalt.

Watch out for oil stains!

There’s more to be aware of other than cracks, crevices, potholes, and craters, but also the danger of oil stains. If the dripping lasts for a long time, then the paving is surely soaked and softened. However, there’s no need to try and clean it up. The asphalt needs to be broken and then redone. If the stain is fresh or if the dripping has occurred on your pavement to which you have taken care to administer a sealer, use a cleaner-degreaser, then according to the directions, use a stain primer of oil.


All these individual products are economically safe. Though, according to the instructions for use, they must be applied without deviating from them. Otherwise, it will have the effect of a poultice on a wooden leg. Therefore, you should always seek the help of a qualified, licensed professional to avoid damaging your asphalt. Contact us for more advice or to learn about the top-rated asphalt services we offer in the St. Louis, MO area today!

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