Concrete joint filling, especially under commercial buildings, is imperative for the driving of heavy equipment over concrete slabs. To preserve each slab edge, we ensure that the filler is level with the surface. It is important to not use semi-rigid epoxy joint fillers because discoloration can occur under ultraviolet light exposure. Here are the benefits of commercial concrete joint filling for your property.

The Science of Joint Filling

Control joints are planned near the area where the concrete shrinks and inevitably cracks. To lessen the shrinkage process, which happens due to moisture and temperature fluctuation, it is significant to take note of where cracks occur.

Joint filling should be put on hold to allow the joint to fully expand. After the allotted amount of time has occurred, preferably several months, the cracks will be filled to properly meet the surface of the concrete.

Keep Slab Appearance Polished

Without a visible control joint, a crack could ruin the overall look of the concrete slab. Additionally, if your concrete does not undergo having joints filled, then dirt and debris will collect. This is why the sealing of control joints is primarily, and ultimately, the greatest solution to cleanliness for a more polished appearance of concrete.

Use a Long-lasting Material

Since joint filling is mostly used for hard-wheeled traffic, the filling material in between each slab must be durable. If not, the concrete will most likely crack under the weight of the loading transfer wheels. Polyurea is applied to strengthen and attain the best standard of joint filling. During the concrete joint filling process, it only takes about 90 days for the slab to cure.

A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC will take care of all commercial concrete fillings. As a high-quality asphalt company, you will be pleased with our services and expect each slab to be filled in correctly as requested. For an estimate on our commercial concrete joint filling, or if you have any questions about concrete joint filling or other services we do in the St. Louis, MO area, contact us today!

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