Parking lots are busy spaces where drivers, pedestrians, shoppers, and even children dart in and out in all directions. With so much going on, accidents can occur in parking lots such as distracted drivers knocking down shopping carts or bumping into other cars. The simple solution to protecting your storefront or shopping cart receptacle is putting in bollards.

What Are Bollards?

Bollards are useful in safeguarding the infrastructure of a commercial storefront or business in order to provide a secure area for people to drive and walk. They are a great investment to your parking lot because they can improve the aesthetics by offering physical protection and visual guides to parking space users. These posts come in various sizes, colors, materials, and customizations to match the look and feel of your company’s image.

What Bollards are Ideal for My Parking Lot?

You can choose bollards depending on your safety needs, budget, and parking lot design. Here are some types of bollards to choose from:

  • Retractable Bollards: These are bollards that retreat to the ground. They’re convenient as they require no additional storage space and can be retracted to meet the traffic needs at particular times.
  • Permanent Bollards: Often filled with a concrete substrate, permanent bollards guide and protect drivers and pedestrians. Permanent/steel pipe bollards have K-rating that defines their ability to stop careening vehicles.
  • Removable Bollards: Unlike permanent bollards, they can be removed to provide access when necessary. Their primary role is to guide vehicles and pedestrians. They’re common in parking lots with parking areas designated for specific functions.
  • Flexible Bollards: Mostly made of plastic polymer, the flexible bollards can bend when hit by vehicles but can return to their upright position afterward. They provide visual cues in parking lots to guide drivers in the direction they need to follow.
  • Collapsible Bollards: These bollards can be folded down to the ground to allow cars to pass over the top. They’re used in areas where there’s a need to control access to parking spots. They’re also used to deter car theft by ‘locking’ vehicles in position.

Get A1 Professional Custom Bollards

Give your commercial space and parking lot a refreshing and appealing look that is safe for all drivers and shoppers alike. Whether you need bollards with protective covers and sleeves or those designed to provide additional lighting to the parking space, A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC, has you covered!

If you need bollards customized and installed, would like more information on our bollard installation process, or if you want to know more about our other high-quality, commercial asphalt and concrete services done in the St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas, call or click for an estimate or quote today!

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