Maintaining a parking lot can be difficult in a high-traffic area. Though many business owners overlook the importance of ground maintenance, neglecting to maintain your parking lot can have costly consequences. Poorly maintained pavement results in potholes, which in turn may result in accidents that can cost you money and customer goodwill.

However, if your parking lots are well maintained and striped, you will not only impress customers and visitors, but also be remembered for taking care of your property.

Why is commercial parking lot striping important?

Parking lot striping keeps parking spaces in their designated locations and distinguishes different types of spaces. It helps drivers know where they can park their cars and prevents them from driving around in circles looking for the perfect space. Parking lot striping is also important to communicate with pedestrians where they can safely walk or stand in the parking lot.

How often should parking lot striping be done?

Parking lot striping should be redone when it becomes faded or difficult to read. This doesn’t mean that the stripes need to be redone often. Commercial parking lots are usually restriped once every year.

What are the benefits of parking lot striping?

Here are the top five benefits of striping your commercial parking lot.

  1. Increases safety

Ensuring that your property is safe for everyone to use is one of the main benefits of striping parking spaces, pedestrian crossings and fire zones. Having these areas striped will make it easier for drivers to see the lines and show pedestrians where they should be crossing the street. It will also help guide firefighters where they need to go in case of an emergency.

  1. Helps your business avoid legal penalties

Making sure that handicap parking spots are not being taken up by drivers who don’t qualify is a federal law. A striped parking lot is by far the best way to comply with this law. These spaces will help people identify the open handicap spots and will also have a “reserved” marker to remind drivers they cannot park in these spaces without a permit.

  1. Gives your business a professional appearance

Parking lot striping is not just about keeping your property safe and complying with laws; it also helps boost curb appeal and gives your business a professional look. When you think of a parking lot, you probably imagine an empty and desolate area with a few cars scattered around. But if the lot is well-striped and designed, it can actually make your business look more engaging and welcoming to potential customers.

  1. Increases the number of parking spaces

Parking lots can be a problem for those trying to create a safe, efficient space for visitors. By striping their parking lot, businesses can accommodate more vehicles and provide a more efficient way to get around the lot without any bumping or crashing.

Striping your parking lot can help you determine how many vehicles can fit, how many lanes are needed, how many entrances you have and whether you need barriers or signage.

  1. Striping makes your parking lot more efficient

Parking lots are one of the most underutilized resources. This is because parking spaces are not allocated in an efficient way. Striping provides a solution to the problem by making the area more functional and convenient for drivers.

Striping helps businesses — and customers

Parking lot striping is an important aspect of any brick-and-mortar business. It is necessary for drivers to know where to park, where not to park and how many spots are available. Don’t complicate a simple task. Get your striping done with A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC! Call us as soon as possible for professional and responsible commercial parking lot striping services.

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