Winter can destroy asphalt and concrete pavement structures. Preparing your commercial parking lot for winter is critical for the structure’s aesthetics and longevity. Extreme winter temperatures cause constant freeze-and-thaw action within your concrete or asphalt pavement’s layers, causing cracks and fissures that lead to potholes. So how do you prepare the paved areas within your business property for winter? As your expert paving partner we’re happy to provide you with some practical tips.

Repair any cracks 

The water resulting from snow’s freeze-and-thaw temperatures infiltrates your concrete or asphalt parking lot through fissures. The first defense against water seepage is crack-sealing. It’s a preventive measure that makes your paved structure impermeable; otherwise, the water will contract and expand, destroying the structure beyond repair.

Pre-winter storm-basin maintenance

Storm basins are designed to carry water from the lot, thus preventing puddles from forming all over the pavement. It only gets worse when your storm basins are damaged because the water pools spill into the small splits. As the water contracts and expands, it breaks the surface at the lines of weakness. It’s critical to call a professional paving company to inspect the basins and repair them if required. This ensures they function properly through the cold season.

Utilize snow removal services

It’s also essential to arrange for snow-plowing services to clear the snow cover during winter. The Midwest region receives 3 to 4 inches of snow cover at the height of winter. You don’t want that thick layer of snow powder sitting on your lot for days. As the ice thaws at the slightest increase in temperature, water seeps into the pavement, ruining its structural integrity. Find a professional snow-removal company to get rid of the destructive snow cover.

At A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, we are your solution when it comes to pavement problems, whether it’s a new installation, crack-filling, snow removal or pavement winterization. Contact us today, and we’ll help you prepare your commercial pavement structures for the winter cold.

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