Infrared heaters have been used in the asphalt paving industry for years, but only a handful of people understand the technology. Including infrared heating as part of your pavement management strategy is an excellent means of extending your pavement’s lifespan. The need for frequent repairs becomes more critical the more your paved structures age. Infrared heaters provide an affordable, effective and timely means of repairing damaged asphalt pavement to like-new conditions.

When should you use infrared heaters for asphalt repairs?

Infrared heaters are primarily used to repair asphalt surfaces with relatively small damages requiring minor resurfacing or replacement. A professional paving company will usually recommend infrared repairs on:

Understanding infrared repairs

Infrared asphalt repairs involve using equipment that transfers radiation heat into an asphalt pavement to allow for easy removal of damaged parts. The process is followed by asphalt replacement, and the heating machine is used to reheat the repaired surface to ensure it bonds with the remaining undamaged sections.

Several factors affect the quality and time of the heating process, including:

  • The number of asphalt layers
  • The asphalt content, age and properties
  • Wind and ambient temperature

The advantages of infrared asphalt repair

Unlike the traditional means of repairing asphalt, heat penetration within the asphalt layers results in more robust and durable repairs. The radiation technology alleviates the risk of scaling, burning or separation of the repaired area from the aggregate. It also guarantees a proper mixture of asphalt and other substances, resulting in an even and aesthetic asphalt surface. It also prevents water damage by eliminating any joints that allow water seepage or air pockets that might expand and crack the pavement.

At A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC, we diagnose your asphalt pavement’s specific situation, determining if you need infrared heating, and provide the solution that is right for you. We take care of potholes and cracks in your asphalt pavement quickly and efficiently! Contact us for a quote today!

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