Are you worried that you will end up choosing the wrong vendor for your company’s concrete and asphalt repairs? Don’t worry! We understand how difficult it is to find a vendor you can trust for such a large project and investment. That’s why we’ve highlighted the top three mistakes you should avoid if you’re searching for a concrete and asphalt repair company.

Mistake #1: Not asking for any references or qualifications.

If you are in a rush to get everything repaired as soon as possible, you may be tempted to hire a vendor without asking for any references. Although it may save you lots of time in the beginning, you may regret not vetting them when you end up with a poor end result. You can prevent this by asking the vendor for a list of references, contacting them and asking them to give you honest feedback. They should also be able to show proof that they are fully licensed and have the necessary qualifications. If the company declines to provide references, it could be a red flag to steer clear and look for help elsewhere. Remember – you are essentially interviewing them for a job you need done.

Mistake #2: Not collecting quotes or bids from many different companies

Another mistake you can make is by hiring the first or second company that submits a quote instead of holding out for more. Try to collect multiple quotes so you can compare them to each other. You can also use a competing bid to negotiate a better price. After you evaluate each one you’ll be in a much better position to select the best company for the job.

Mistake #3: Hiring vendors based on price alone

We understand that every company wants to save money or stay within a certain budget. However, we don’t recommend hiring a vendor just because they gave you the lowest quote. Evaluate every company based on their overall craftsmanship, experience and other qualities in addition to their price range. The lowest price doesn’t always mean the best choice. Be sure to look at what each company does or does not include as you may be getting more value with a slightly higher cost

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