Whether you are beginning an installation, completing a repair, or adding an extension to your concrete surface, undoubtedly the job will leave you with a pile of construction and demolition debris. Disposal of concrete can be cumbersome as it is voluminous, heavy, and difficult to demolish without proper equipment. Fortunately, our professional contractors at A1 Asphalt manage concrete disposal with ease, leaving you with a custom finished concrete surface and clean job site. But where does concrete debris go?

Recycled Concrete

Concrete is just one of many construction and demolition materials that comprise 15% of the waste in Missouri landfills. In St. Louis County, over 600,000 tons of construction and demolition debris are brought to landfills each year. Recycling concrete substantially reduces the amount of this debris filling landfills. Building material supply companies, large- and small-scale contractors, landscapers, and DIY’ers often have many uses for recycled concrete.


The process of rubblization is used to revitalize large scale concrete surfaces such as airstrips and highways by repurposing the existing concrete on-site. During rubblization, the existing concrete surface is fractured into small, interconnected pieces that will serve as a base layer for new asphalt.

Concrete Aggregate

Aggregate, the inert filler, comprises as much as 60% to 80% of a concrete mix. Crushed recycled concrete can provide an aggregate for new concrete.

Landscape Aggregate

Recycled concrete can be very useful to landscapers. Crushed or ground into various aggregate sizes, recycled concrete can be utilized to enhance aesthetics, facilitate drainage, or provide a base layer for patios. Larger pieces of broken concrete, or urbanite, can be reused as stepping stones, walkways, rockeries, or foundations.


Wired cages, called gabions, are often weighted by being filled with recycled chunks of concrete. Gabions are typically stacked together to create retaining walls to protect embankments or other structures.

St. Louis Construction & Demolition Recycling

There are several locations throughout the St. Louis area for concrete disposal, some specific to commercial haulers and others available to residents, but fees and hours may vary. The best choice you can make is to contact us at A1 Asphalt to provide you with concrete disposal for your project, large or small.

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