Crack filling and crack sealing are two different methods used, interchangeably at times, to repair asphalt pavements. Both methods are very effective at repairing cracks in asphalt by penetrating deep beneath the surface to seal cracks and prevent water, dirt, oil, and other pollutants from entering the cracks and causing damage to your asphalt pavement. However, it’s important to know which method is best for fixing your asphalt surface.

What is crack filling?

Crack filling is a procedure used to fix cracks by placing asphalt emulsion into cracks to reduce water and reinforce adjacent pavements. It is usually used to treat cracks that can’t be bonded together with a crack sealant. It can also provide permanent long-term results for fixing cracks that are wider and deeper than cracks usually treated with crack sealing.

What is crack sealing?

Crack sealing is a method used to repair cracks in asphalt by placing a hot sealant over cracks to prevent them from deepening or expanding. It will preserve the base of your asphalt pavement and prevent erosion, oxidation, and water penetration that can eventually damage your asphalt. It is also the best option for active cracks that are continuing to increase in size and depth as crack sealants will prevent water and debris from penetrating the crack further.

What are the differences between crack filling and crack sealing?

Crack sealing will usually cost more than crack filling, but it’s more efficient and long-lasting in treating active cracks. Meanwhile, crack filling is better for cracks that can’t be easily bonded together with a crack sealant. If you have cracks in your pavement that have little to no edge deterioration, crack sealing should work just fine. However, if you have large cracks in your pavement, it will probably require crack filling.

Which method is best for your asphalt pavement?

If you are unsure about which method is best for repairing your asphalt, then it is best to contact a professional for advice. Our experts at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing have several years of experience in providing outstanding and reliable customer service in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. For a free estimate, or if you have any questions regarding crack sealing vs. crack filling, contact us today!

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