Does your business have walkways with cracks, widening seams, foliage growth, or holes? If so, then it is time to seek professional help with concrete repairs. Every crack gets worse over time, and every neglected area of commercial walkways could become a liability.

The Liability of Falls That Occur on Your Walkway

People fall down every year, but not all of those falls are serious enough to need to go to the hospital. If someone falls on your commercial walkway, he or she could have legal grounds to sue for damages, especially if a lawyer can prove neglect. Lawyers even create advertisements encouraging people to sue for compensation of damages incurred from falling, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The good news is that with well-documented professional maintenance, you can drastically reduce the potential of liability claims filed if someone falls on your concrete walkway.

Decreased Cost, Falls & Liability

By addressing any issues or damages on or in your business walkways as soon as you notice them, the repairs are much more cost-effective than they would be if the damages worsen due to neglect. Plus, the last thing you want is grass and saplings that sprout in cracks and grow roots under walkways, causing damage to wider areas of concrete.

When your concrete walkways are well-maintained, it’s much less likely that someone one will fall in the first place. Even cracks and deepened seams can cause toe-stumping and stumbling that could lead to a serious fall.

Proving liability for a walkway claim turns on one key factor: did the business know, or should the business have known, about damages or problems and then neglect to fix them? If the answer is yes, a liability claim for all damages related to falling is strong. If the answer is no, the liability claim is usually invalid. The more recent you’ve had your concrete walkways serviced and repaired for damages, the less likely a liability claim has any grounds, even if someone falls on them.

If your concrete walkways are in much need of repair, the professionals at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing are here to keep your concrete walkways safe. For fast, efficient, professional concrete repair for your commercial property, contact us for a free estimate today.

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