If your business has a concrete parking lot it’s crucial to maintain this surface regularly as decaying pavement can quickly become unattractive and, potentially, dangerous. You’ll need to choose between repair and replacement before using commercial concrete services in St. Louis, MO. Here are certain benefits and drawbacks that both solutions offer:


In comparison to replacement, patching or resurfacing often costs around 50 percent less per square-foot. The actual expense will vary depending on the level of deterioration. In the long run, you may find it more affordable to remove and replace the pavement if it has widespread cracks and holes.


An advantage of repair is that a contractor can complete the work within hours. On the other hand, it usually takes two or more days to replace concrete. Customers and employees won’t have access to your parking area for a longer period of time, so it may be best to schedule replacement when business is slow.


Old pavement may need frequent repair. Patches and resurfacing become less economical as the surface ages. Outdoor concrete generally lasts around 25 to 35 years. Its longevity varies based on traffic, vehicle weight, weather and other factors. If your parking lot is approaching the end of its life expectancy, replacement might represent the more cost-effective option.


Patches may extend the lifespan of this material by at least a few years. Resurfacing provides a more comprehensive solution that improves the parking area’s appearance. However, it won’t repair wide cracks or heavily deteriorated surfaces. Replacement delivers the longest-lasting results while providing both aesthetic and practical benefits.

The best choice differs depending on your company’s budget as well as the age and condition of existing pavement. When you need concrete services, local business owners turn to us. Our paving experts can promptly meet your needs at a competitive price. Please contact us for an estimate or additional details.

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