Fall is here, and that means it’s time to ensure that your asphalt is properly treated and maintained before the Midwest cold season sets in. Remember that maintenance and prevention are key to maintaining the professional image and safety of your commercial property. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your asphalt driveways and parking lots are ready for the change of season.

Clean the Surface

Have a professional asphalt service remove any debris on the surface or inside cracks that can compromise the smooth surface of your asphalt. Likewise, be sure that there is no loose debris in the cracks you want to fill, as they may prevent the crack from being fully repaired.

Patch the Potholes and Fill the Cracks

It is important to patch up any visible cracks and potholes to prevent trip hazards and potential damage to vehicles. Even seemingly minor cracks can expand suddenly if left untreated. A commercial asphalt service can patch holes and fill cracks so that the surface of your driveway or parking lot stays smooth and even. Be sure to check for standing water and low-lying areas that may point to potential issues. The water will contract and expand as the weather changes, causing more imperfections to develop in the asphalt.

Seal the Surface

Once you have filled cracks, potholes, and low-lying areas, have a professional asphalt service seal the surface of your asphalt to prevent further damage due to weathering, oxidation, and chemical exposure. An asphalt seal will ensure that the surface of your parking lot does not become brittle and prone to additional cracks and potholes – plus it improves the overall appearance.

Salt: Less is More

When the freezing winter hits, you will still want to salt your parking lot and sidewalks to prevent ice and slip hazards. Take a moment to consider the amount of salt you are using, and use the smallest amount necessary to ensure the safety of the property. Excessive use of salt can corrode and pit the clean finish of your sealed asphalt.

Now is the time to prepare for harsh weather and protect your surfaces from deterioration that will end up costing more down the road. For professional service to help your asphalt parking areas weather the winter, contact us today!

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