oil & chipping

Why oil and chip?

Oil and chipping is an excellent option for increasing the stability of a current rock drive/road or renewing diminishing asphalt conditions. While oil and chip is not quite as effective as a complete asphalt overlay, the cost savings can be significant especially in this budget conscious economy. The oil seals the current surface and helps prevent further deterioration while chip provides a clean, uniformed appearance and additional traction.

When oil and chip is initially applied to a rock base, the base will be properly graded and compacted , then a primer/sealer must first be used to prepare the surface and allow for better adhesion. Two separate layers of oil and chip will then be applied to establish a solid foundation for any future treatments. Depending on the amount of traffic, oil and chip surfaces can remain effective for numerous years, and since any future treatments will only require a single layer and no primer, the cost to renew your oil and chip drive decreases significantly.

There are 3 options for chip that is applied:

  • Slag Rock
  • Limestone Rock
  • Meramac Rock

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