The Reasons You’d Want Concrete Repair
Damaged concrete is unsightly at best. When the surfaces around a business are cracked and crumbling, it makes a silent statement about the company that is rarely complimentary.

Not only is it not great to look at, but concrete in poor condition is unsafe. Cracks, bumps, holes, and more pose a trip hazard, and in our litigious society, concrete damage presents a potential liability and a lawsuit that’s waiting to happen.

Poor Installation Results in Concrete Deterioration
While there are external factors that cause concrete to deteriorate over time, an improper installation will create large problems fast. Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Poor use (or lack) of control joints. Concrete is usually poured in sections. The line where two sections meet (known as the control joints) allows for natural expansion and contraction. Properly placed and installed control joints will reduce or eliminate buckling and cracking.
  • Concrete drying too fast. The process of getting properly cured concrete lies in the moisture. If the water evaporates too quickly, the strength will be compromised, inevitably leading to cracks. Performing the proper curing process is why it’s vital to use professionals as there are various methods requiring expert involvement.
  • Adding too much water when mixing. Just like the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” a proper mixture before pouring the concrete prevents a lot of concrete problems later. The vast majority of water in the mix eventually evaporates out, and when the remaining concrete lacks proper density, it lacks proper strength. This leads to cracking and damage which, in turn, necessitates concrete repair.

Achieving an excellent concrete installation is a complex process that should be performed professionally for best results.

So Is Concrete Repair Unavoidable?
As with almost any surface, repairs are an unavoidable requirement. However, ensuring proper initial installation, as well as performing regular, routine maintenance to fix small issues before they become large, expensive problems will help keep your concrete surfaces safe, functional and beautiful.

If you have concrete around your business that needs repairs, we make it simple by providing all the services you need backed by years of experience. Contact us today for professional concrete finishing, or other commercial lot services.

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