A parking lot provides the first impression for customers and is the first thing that could rile up hurried people. Faded or a complete lack of striping can cause a mess in front of your business.

Any previous striping can fade for a number of reasons, from chemical deterioration from vehicles to sun and UV rays. If your lot is in need of restriping, or requires a whole new layout painted on, A1 will provide the service with dedicated professionals. The process does not take long but does require several critical steps:

  • Prior to striping, the lot should be checked for damage including cracks and potholes. Repairs as well as asphalt sealant may be required first if the asphalt appears very brittle. Fixing these problems now saves headaches in the near future.
  • While choosing the layout, it is important to check that the plan complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Paint engineered specifically for the pavement is applied with Graco Stripers, which are equipped with auto-layout features and line lasers. The right amount of paint must be applied so that it appears highly visible, but also does not damage the surface after drying and shrinking.
  • Paint usually takes about half an hour to dry in favorable conditions (above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and with dry weather) but traffic should continue to be blocked off for at least an hour after the painting has been completed.

All steps are critical and must be performed with great care to ensure that the striping lasts a long time and the layout functions well. Careless, unprofessional striping companies may leave the surface of your lot looking worse with sloppy lines, random spots and smears, and paint that wears quickly. With the special equipment from A1, as well as our years of experience and superb customer service, rest assured knowing that the job will get done right.

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