What are Potholes?

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Potholes are typically created by expansion and contraction of water that has entered into the ground and under the pavement. The pooling water and erosion weaken the pavement, which causes it to collapse when vehicles pass over the weakened area, in turn creating a pothole. Potholes are a common occurrence, especially after the snow and rain seasons. As common as they are, potholes should not be ignored. Potholes in your parking lot are a big deal for a variety of reasons, including the safety of you, your employees and your customers. Along with safety, there are a number of reasons that you should have pothole repair & patching your parking area repaired as soon as possible.

Improved Curb Appeal The parking area is often the first thing customers see when they are entering your business. When the parking lot is well maintained, it conveys the message to your customers that you are a responsible business owner and value the safety of your customers. Not only are potholes an eyesore, but they may reduce the value of your business, both in resale value and customer traffic.

Pothole Repair Saves Money If you notice a pothole that is developing on the surface of your parking area, it is usually a sign that there is something wrong with either the water drainage on the property or the formation of the lot. When potholes go un-repaired, it poses a potential risk for further, more expensive damage. By ignoring the pothole, it will only continue to erode and grow larger, which can cause further damage to the parking area as well as to the vehicles driving through the lot. It is significantly less expensive to repair one pothole than to replace several yards of the parking area, not to mention the cost of repairs to cars that damaged when driving over the pothole.

Prevent Safety Concerns One of the biggest concerns regarding potholes is the safety of you, your employees and your customers. Potholes are a serious trip hazard for pedestrians, which can result in serious injuries that you may be held liable for. Vehicles, especially those that ride low to the ground can be damaged even by a shallow pothole. It is your responsibility to make sure the entrance to your business is safe and easily accessible by both pedestrians and drivers.

To avoid potholes, it is best to hire a trusted asphalt and sealing company to survey the pavement for any risk factors and to provide adequate drainage. Neglected potholes will allow more water to be absorbed into the paved, which leads to a crumbling pavement that will break down and create even bigger potholes, so it is safer and less expensive to repair them as soon as possible.

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