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Asphalt Sealing

Has your parking lot lost the beautiful black luster it once had? Are you beginning to see cracks and damaged areas? If so, give A1 Asphalt a call and help extend the life of your parking lot. A1 Asphalt is the premier contractor for parking lot sealing in the St. Louis area. We offer exceptional customer service, expedient service, and high quality products. Our parking lot sealing services can help bring life back to your pavement while also greatly increasing the curb appeal of your area. We are one of the few area contractors that offer in-house parking lot striping services which allows your parking lot to be reopened within 24 hours without any returns to complete striping. We utilize EnduraSeal Tr, an environmentally friendly, emulsified asphalt and rubber based sealer which is manufactured locally in the St. Louis area. Give A1 a call and let a St. Louis company provide our exceptional asphalt sealing services using a product manufactured right in your backyard.

  • Pavement problems are often caused by surface deterioration from weathering, oxidation, and petroleum solvents
  • Left unprotected, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes brittle resulting in cracks and potholes
  • EnduraSeal TR, an environmentally friendly product, is specifically designed to prevent surface deterioration by protecting against solvent action, oxidation, and moisture while providing an attractive black appearance at an economic price. Enduraseal TR is an ideal preventative maintenance product developed for use by pavement maintenance professionals.

Endura Seal TR

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Enduraseal TR is a cationic emulsified sealer that is formulated with asphalt, recycled tire rubber, select fillers and chemical additives. Enduraseal TR forms an impervious seal against water and provides a wear resistant coating with a rich black luster.

Resists Solvent Action

The rubberized asphalt base in Enduraseal TR bonds to the asphalt pavement providing a protective coating that effectively stalls the penetration of oils and solvents into the surface.

Protects Against Moisture

If the pavement surface is left unprotected, surface moisture can enter the asphalt mix and weaken the underlying base structure. Enduraseal TR helps resist moister penetration, even during freeze-thaw cycles when structural deterioration is most likely to occur.

Resists Oxidation

Oil penetration and sunlight combine to cause destructive surface oxidation. Enduraseal TR forms a barrier between the pavement and the weather. Our sealer’s asphalt rubber base protects the asphalt surface from the effects of oxidation (dry, gray pavement, loose sand and stone, surface cracking and deteriorations).



Improves Appearance

A clean-looking, black parking lot not only enhances property appearance, but when clearly marked, it facilitates easy, orderly parking. Enduraseal TR dries to a uniform, long-lasting black color and makes gray pavement look like new.

Easy to Clean

Parking areas protected with Enduraseal TR are easier to keep clean. Loose sand and stone usually worn from dry, oxidized pavements are avoided. Enduraseal TR helps fill surface voids, leaving the pavement coated and easy to maintain.

Convenient to Use

Enduraseal TR is applied cold in a smooth, creamy consistency and dries rapidly to provide a tough continuous coating with minimum delay and inconvenience.



Reduces Maintenance Costs

Using Enduraseal TR in a regular maintenance cycles extends the service life of pavement, thus reducing the need for expensive major repairs. Enduraseal TR is a cost effective way to protect your pavement investment.

Consider the following costs for various maintenance options:
Enduraseal TR $
2” Asphalt Overlay $$$$$$$$
4” Asphalt Reconstruction $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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