Your business’s parking lot is an expensive investment. With a cost of up to $3 – $4 per square foot to install a new asphalt surface, keeping your asphalt parking area in healthy condition is key to protecting the surface your customers and employees use regularly. While many different environmental and usage factors contribute to the breakdown of asphalt, the biggest concern you should worry about is water drainage.

Water is one of the main causes of asphalt erosion, and without proper runoff and moisture prevention tactics put in place, your asphalt parking lot will become pitted, riddled with potholes, and experience cracks and an uneven surface over time. With proper drainage, you can help keep your asphalt surface drier, preventing the need for more costly repairs in the future.

Asphalt is absorbent

Asphalt is naturally absorbent and standing water will soak into the surface and into the terrain the asphalt rests on. This causes erosion of not just the asphalt itself, but the ground underneath, leading to a compromised foundation. The largest issue coming from ground erosion beneath asphalt is the formation or expansion of potholes on the surface.

Asphalt is structurally dependent

Asphalt is laid in one long layer, not individual sections, so if one part of your parking lot is suffering from water damage, the entire surface is compromised. To protect your large parking lot or surface, the entire square footage must be structurally sound.

How to prevent water damage

Luckily, your asphalt specialist can help you prevent water damage to your business’s parking lot.

  • Adding a slope: Paving the parking lot with a slight slope allows the water to run off the surface toward proper drainage channels rather than remaining stagnant and pooling on the surface.
  • Leveling dipped areas: An asphalt specialist will note areas of your parking lot that dip or have potholes, make the necessary repairs, and help prevent water from pooling in trouble spots in the future.
  • Filling cracks and crumbling areas: Cracks and crumbled or eroded parts of your parking lot will be filled with tar or new asphalt to reveal a newer, more durable parking surface that is less susceptible to moisture damage and erosion.

If you notice water sitting on your parking lot or asphalt surface, don’t wait until bigger problems arise. Contact us at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing today and have your parking lot inspected, repaired and maintained by our team of experts.

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