Keeping roads, parking lots, driveways and loading areas safe for regular use is key, but in commercial applications proper maintenance is mandatory.

You need vendors, workers and customers to have unimpeded access to your business; you need to avoid damaging their equipment; and, crucial for commercial settings, you need to keep liability claims in mind. When it comes to commercial asphalt maintenance, there are a few very important things to consider to keep it under control.

Your Revenue Depends on a Usable Space

Improperly maintained asphalt is a somewhat hidden economic drain on businesses, especially in regards to:

  • Employees who may have their work speed adversely affected by potholes or large cracks. Asphalt surfaces with larger damaged areas can also contribute to faster wear and tear on work vehicles, leading to yet more unnecessarily high costs over time.
  • Customers never appreciate a poorly maintained space. Anything that deters customers or poses a safety concern when on your property is a negative.
  • Vendors doing business with you never appreciate wear on their equipment and vehicles. You do not want to be the stop on their route that they dread pulling into!

Liability Matters

Businesses are the most susceptible target for lawsuits, and the vehicle damage or potential bodily injury caused by an especially poorly maintained asphalt space is ripe for these unfortunate situations.

Vehicle damage is a very real possibility when potholes are present. Tires, shocks and windshields (particularly from ejected chunks of asphalt in or around potholes) are all at risk for damage.

But you may not have thought of what happens when the driver exits their vehicle or equipment. Tripping on cracks that wouldn’t even be noticeable in a vehicle is a major risk, potentially leading to fractured or broken limbs or even major head injuries.

Nobody wants to see someone get hurt, and the costs that come with serious injuries are inevitably massive.

Filling vs. Patching: Getting Exactly What You Need

Controlling costs is often the primary goal of a smart business owner. Unfortunately, that’s also the mindset that leads to ultimately costly decisions like avoiding the costs of maintaining your asphalt spaces.

A1 Professional Asphalt offers full analysis of your damaged asphalt and only applies the exact repairs required, making sure your investment is at the fairest cost possible while also guaranteeing a long and healthy life for each repaired area.

We will patch cracks whenever possible, using the perfect approach for the job. Our specialized rubber filling agent seals cracks, while also keeping water out so the affected area doesn’t expand during harsh weather.

For larger damaged areas, we offer a high tech infrared-based technique for analyzing the affected area and addressing it exactly as the damage demands. We use the information gathered during this process to decide whether the damaged area needs to be milled out and replaced, or simply patched and pounded down.

If you’re looking to avoid ongoing costs and liability issues associated with poorly maintained asphalt in a commercial setting, we have you covered! Contact us at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing to learn more about our cost-saving, long-term repair approach!