If you’ve had a concrete driveway for more than a few years, you have probably begun to see a few imperfections on the surface, from cracks to weeds. Even if concrete services aren’t a priority for you now, we’re hoping that you’ll read on to find out why it should be.

Weeds Cause Structural Damage

You might think a few weeds here and there is no big deal. Actually, weeds that are popping through the cracks in your driveway are an indicator of a bigger structural problem. It means there are cracks that go through to the foundation of your driveway. These issues are only compounded every time you drive over the surface with your vehicle. Weeds allow moisture to seep to the foundation of your concrete, which in turn can cause erosion and surface displacement.

Cracks Only Get Worse

Cracks don’t magically disappear on their own. In fact, cracks are likely to widen out due to erosion. Early control of cracks helps fill the gaps and make the structure more sound.

Resurfacing Costs Less than Replacement

If you are able to catch issues with concrete repair early on, there is a much better chance that your repair bill will be lower. For example, concrete resurfacing or patching can be done to repair small cracks in a concrete surface. But when the issue drags on, you’re more likely to have to replace more materials.

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