Although concrete is a very strong and durable stone material, it will eventually experience cracking and other issues that require repair. If you want to prevent serious damage to your concrete in the future, it is best to have it repaired as soon as possible. Other than the quality in customer service you provide at your place of business, having a well-cared for parking lot is a reflection that you not only care for your workplace, but the safety and well-being of your employees and more importantly, the customers and clients who see you on a daily basis.

Cracks or Holes Damage

Noticing cracks or holes in your concrete is one of the most straightforward reasons to call for concrete repair. They can be caused by many things such as tree roots, concrete shrinking, and freezing and thawing during the winter and summer seasons. For small hairline cracks, these can usually be fixed by business owners, but large, open cracks can have an impact on the structure and integrity of nearby buildings.

Drainage Problems

Concrete damage caused by drainage issues is not a DIY task and should always be left for professionals to repair and fix. When this happens, your entire drainage system will have to be repaired along with your concrete. There is a high risk that you can damage your concrete (and drainage system) further than it already is if you are not experienced in dealing with these types of problems.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading causes of damaged concrete that leads to repair. Unfortunately, concrete is a porous stone material, and water will often find its way seeping through the pores on your concrete surface. Even worse, if water gets trapped under your concrete, it will continue causing cracks and water damage. If you notice water damage on your concrete, call a professional to fix this problem for you as soon as possible. This way the problem is secure and won’t lead to any further damage.

Sinking Concrete

The main causes of sunken concrete are frost heaving, poor water drainage, tree root growth, and having soil underneath your concrete. This will need to be repaired as soon as possible because it is a tripping hazard for pedestrians and it can impair driving on your concrete surface. Always contact a professional to repair your concrete if you notice that it is sinking on your property.

If you are experiencing any of these damaging situations, contact us for an estimate and we’ll come out and get your concrete back to looking like new again. When it comes to the best in concrete repair, you can count on us.

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