From parking lots to skyscrapers, core drilling serves many purposes on a variety of construction sites. Here we take a look at exactly what core drilling is and how it works.

What is core drilling?

Core drilling is simply a quick and accurate way for contractors to create round holes in concrete walls, ceilings, floors and other concrete structures. Composed of a motor, handle and drill tips that are usually coated with diamonds or carbide, a core drill can penetrate various surface types. It is an ideal solution for several concrete construction projects, such as culverts, building construction, nuclear decommissioning, utility holes, various electrical services, HVAC and piping.

Benefits of core drilling

  1. Accuracy
    Many driller operators prefer diamond drillers, as they perform the work with accuracy and a high degree of precision while also creating minimum waste.
  2. Speed
    The drill exerts an enormous amount of pressure on the concrete surface, digging a hole at lightning speed.
  3. Access to difficult areas
    Core drilling can access the most challenging inner parts of the concrete wall that drilling saws cannot reach.
  4. It is a quieter method
    Convenient in all working conditions, core drilling is associated with less or no noise. The technique does not cause unnecessary disturbances, something especially important when working on commercial sites.

Why a commercial lot should use this procedure

Core drilling has been the leading drilling procedure in recent years due to its ease of operation, flexibility and advanced technology. Commercial lots should embrace the technique to produce the most promising solutions to all concrete drilling problems. If you have any construction project that requires concrete drilling, don’t hesitate to contact us at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing. Our experts are ready to help with your core drilling needs!

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