As a building material made from a mixture of gravel, sand, and water, concrete can sometimes become cracked. This situation usually occurs when the elements that compose it are not in proportional quantity. However, while it is impossible to make perfectly durable concrete, it is possible to limit the damage.

What is concrete cracking?

Cracked concrete is concrete that has large or barely visible cracks in its surface. Contrary to popular belief, concrete is a material that can easily break when subjected to tensile force, and the damage is not always as noticeable as many people would expect it to be. So, don’t be surprised at the sign of cracking in your concrete. It is a normal occurrence according to most experts in the field.

For this reason, it is recommended to regularly inspect your concrete to quickly detect cracks. Depending on the case, concrete cracking can be structural. In this case, the intervention of a specialist will be necessary to quickly correct the situation. When it is deep and exceeds one centimeter, cracking in concrete is said to be structural.

However, when it comes to a small crack, the building structure is not endangered. If nothing is done to correct the situation, the surface will gradually lose its aesthetic appeal. So, be sure to contact the professionals as soon as cracking is discovered.

How to identify concrete cracking?

To recognize concrete cracking, different techniques are used. The problems that cracked concrete can pose generally relate to the corrosion of the reinforcement. Therefore, chlorides and other aggressive elements can easily attack hard materials and cause swelling of the surface. The concrete then becomes very unattractive, and the capacity of the structure is greatly reduced.

What are the causes of cracking in concrete?

Concrete cracking can be related to several factors. Among these, the poor quality of the concrete chosen for the construction of the wall is the most frequently cited element. Note, however, that the causes of concrete cracking may sometimes have nothing to do with the composition of the material.

For more information regarding concrete cracking, or if you need assistance in identifying or fixing cracks in your concrete, contact us in St. Louis, MO for an estimate today! We’ll be able to diagnose and fix concrete cracking at the source so it doesn’t hinder your commercial property in the future.

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