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Asphalt sealing is a temporary barrier against materials that may react with an asphalt surface. The asphalt material is a petroleum-based product and other petroleum products such as gasoline and oil used in vehicles will react with and eventually degrade the surface.

There are several types of asphalt sealant materials including acrylic, asphalt emulsions and coal-tar. The type chosen for a particular job is usually based on a contractor’s preference, unless the contract specifies otherwise. It is important to keep in mind some states, as well as some municipalities may require a certain type of asphalt sealing material.

Asphalt emulsions and coal-tar are black, but acrylic sealers are available in different colors. This allows the material to be used in areas that require identifying properties such as driveways, golf cart paths or specific parking areas.

There is a particular method to the application of asphalt sealing materials. The asphalt sealers are applied with a self-propelled squeegee machine or by hand with a squeegee or with mechanical equipment such as pressurized spray equipment. The mechanical equipment is typically used when large areas are to receive the sealing material.

Before applying the asphalt sealing material it is essential to clean the surface using sweeping or blowing methods and allow the surface to dry completely if wet or moist. An unclean surface will not allow the asphalt sealing material to stick. Most applications require two coats and 24 to 48 hours to cure before it is ready for vehicle traffic.

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