In the heat of the summer, it’s time for asphalt repairs and maintenance! With the sun high in the sky and snow storms nowhere in sight, you’re bound to spot cracks left from the past winter all over your pavement. While they may seem harmless – albeit, unattractive – they can be a tripping hazard and could evolve into more serious damage, such as potholes.

Asphalt Repairs: Why the Hot Weather is Ideal

Summer time is, without a doubt, the very best time of year to lay down asphalt. Between the more stable Midwestern weather and extended daylight hours, it would be downright foolish to deprive yourself the opportunity to repair your asphalt surface for safety as well as looks.

  • Higher Temperatures – As temperatures rise, the rate and risk of damage to your asphalt fall. This ensures you will be able to see all of the damages from last winter and have the chance to enjoy your beautiful, brand new asphalt with little risk of additional damages occurring for quite some time. The warmer weather also aids in the evaporation process, lowering the amount of time it will take to dry completely.
  • Dryer Weather – Asphalt is incredibly sensitive to moisture. If it is too wet outside, the repair will definitely have to be rescheduled. While some areas tend to get humid during the summer months, the heat generally leaves the air much dryer than usual and precipitation definitely dies down once spring has passed.
  • Extended hours – Drying in a shorter amount of time and lowered damage risks aren’t the only benefits to laying down asphalt during the summer season. The warmer weather and longer days allow pavers and laborers more opportunity to get the job done even faster.

Keep yourself and your customers safe by maintaining your property’s asphalt. Between the higher temperatures, dryer weather, and extended hours, there really is no better time than summer to get the job done. For more information about asphalt and concrete, head on over to our blog. For more information about necessary repairs or new asphalt installations, please contact us.

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