One great way to shake off the winter blues is to start prepping for spring.

Of course, you won’t be going out and planting seeds, setting up the grill, or power washing the house, but you can plan for your spring concrete project. Whether you need patching or filling of unsightly cracks or fractures, or you want a concrete patio poured, now is the time to assess the situation and make plans. Here are 3 things to consider before making your final plans.

Know what type of project you want

This seems like an obvious consideration, but many people don’t really know what they want. Spend some time, envisioning just what you would like to see for your spring concrete project. Will it be a concrete porch in the front allowing you to set up outdoor furniture? Or maybe you envision a patio for back yard activities such as picnics? There are several options for concrete in addition to these such as weaving concrete around an in-ground pool or large garden walkway. Sometimes looking at company’s social media accounts will give you ideas.

Combine concrete projects

If you already have problems with your driveway, parking area, or other concrete work such as cracking or chipping, this is a perfect time to combine services. Professional concrete companies can correct damaged sidewalks and give it a smooth finish, broom finish, or any other type you desire. While you have the contractors at your home doing the spring project, you can have them touch up your driveway, fill in cracks, or do minor patch work.

Start early

The best time to start your project is before spring actually arrives. This allows the contractors to discuss the work with you and make the necessary preparations. Getting to know your contractor is also important to better facilitate a smooth project. As you talk to the contractor and understand your options, you have more time to decide just how you want things to look. You’ll still be ready for springtime fun when it arrives.

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