Concrete is incredibly strong, though it is prone to damage over time. As a property owner or manager, it’s important to regularly check for signs of wear or damage. A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing in St. Louis, Missouri provides services that give your concrete a new look after a repair. Here are some indications that mean it’s time for repair.

Cracks Appear

When cracks start showing on your concrete, you should consider working repair costs into your budget. These cracks do not necessarily mean you have to tear out the area and start over. When addressed early enough, there are some ways to repair cracks and revive the appearance of concrete surfaces. Failure to accomplish the concrete repair could result in an escalation of the damage and the surface breaking and crumbling, which would require a full replacement.

Water Pools Start Appearing

This is common for concrete structures treated with a waterproofing material as the efficiency fades over time. Once you notice water collecting and pooling after rains, this should inform you that your drainage system is no longer functioning properly. Although pooling on concrete surfaces may not seem like much, it leads to significant wear and damage in the long run.

Concrete Appears to Be Uneven

Upon noticing your concrete appears to be uneven or not as smooth as it was originally, then you need to take prompt action needed. Uneven concrete surfaces may indicate poor foundation work. When ignored, it will continue to break and crumble, requiring a more expensive repair or replacement. Be sure to take necessary action before it gets worse.

Concrete Appears to Have an Aged Appearance

Concrete, just like other sturdy structures, is destined to age. Concrete surfaces with an aged appearance give a sloppy first impression of your business. When you see shabby and darkened coloring on your surface, then it is time to contact the experts to make sure your concrete gets the repairs and refresh it needs.

Fortunately for all property and business owners, concrete repair is a manageable task. Although the repair costs will depend on the level of damage, you can contact us, and we will provide a concrete contractor that will perform the concrete repairs with expertise.

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