The Art Of Installing A Concrete Sidewalk

Often times, both indoor and outdoor concrete is finished using either a float or a trowel – two tools that lend the surface a smooth, polished finish. Yet where concrete driveways and sidewalks are concerned, this is not always ideal. That’s because it does not provide an adequate amount of traction, especially during icy winter months. In this article you will learn why professional concrete contractors consider broom finishing a much better option where traction is concerned.

The basics of broom finishing

The idea of broom finishing is simple. Once the concrete has been allowed to sit for a little while, but before it has fully cured, a special stiff bristled broom is drawn across the surface. This results in a series of shallow parallel lines. These act to boost the surface’s grip, thus providing a safer walkway. Not only that, but they help to prevent standing water from gathering on the concrete, instead channeling it into the nearby soil.

Installation tricks of broom finishing

In theory, broom finishing may seem fairly easy. Yet it takes years of professional experience installing concrete sidewalks to end up with the best results. In addition, there are many installation tricks which homeowners are not usually aware of. For instance, it is generally accepted that the most effective way to achieve a good, even finish is to pull the broom across the surface toward you–never pushing it away.

Likewise, if the sidewalk is to be installed on a slope, it is vital that the finish be applied perpendicularly. This will ensure that channeled water does not simply pool up at the bottom of the slope, but rather flows off the sides of the walkway.

For more information about whether broom finishing is a good option for your next concrete project, feel free to contact the experts at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC.