If you’ve been a property manager long enough, you know that the building and tenants are not your only expenses. There’s licensing, taxes, HR, marketing, travel, and maintenance, which all of those come with wanting a great first impression when it comes to acquiring renters and buyers. What’s the first thing a potential client will see when they visit your property? Usually, it’s the parking lot. So, in order to maximize the number of people requesting a viewing, the way to the door needs to be a pleasant and smooth experience.

Have you ever pulled into the parking lot of a store or business and drove right into a pothole or large crack in the pavement? Does it make you think twice about coming back? Maybe you think that it’s time to shop somewhere else to save money on vehicle repairs. That is probably a worse-case scenario, but the same can be said about your property’s pavement if not taken care of properly. If you have someone coming to look at your property to purchase or rent for a new business, but your parking lot is all torn up, that’s not going to set a good first impression to potential buyers or renters. It would take a lot to get your interest back upon viewing the interior.

In order to protect your real estate investment, consider these three things when it comes to pavement maintenance:

  1)  Check on your pavement at the end of each month.
  2)  Repair any major issues like potholes and large cracks as soon as possible.
  3)  Remember that the exterior of your building is just as important as the interior.

When it comes to your property, you don’t want to let the exterior fall into the cracks (no pun intended). Keeping up your pavement’s appearance keeps you out of possible lawsuits if something happens to a potential buyer’s or client’s vehicle. If it doesn’t feel important to you now, you might want to think twice about letting your pavement wear out as it will overtime.

Don’t deal with potholes driving away your customers or possible buyers. Let A1 Asphalt give your property’s pavement the much needed facelift it has been looking for. They are skilled at repairing your asphalt and concrete, as well as refinishing the surface if the top is cracking and brittle. Even if you need a full replacement, they can remove your existing pavement to make it looking brand new again. For more information, contact us today!

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