Any business that brings in customers requires a parking lot, and that area should be marked so these customers know where to park their vehicles. Unfortunately, parking lots suffer significant wear and tear over time. Tires rolling over the surface, extreme heat, and rain are just some of the things that deteriorate a parking lot, leading to customer parking frustration and an unattractive storefront.

Improving your Lot with New Paint

A typical parking lot should be repainted every two years, and it is advised to include this service as an anticipated business expense and investment to help drive sales. The cost, work time, and procedures involved in parking lot painting will depend on several factors:

  • Lot Size: While restriping a small lot could take only 2 hours, painting an extra-large parking lot may take upwards of 20 hours to complete for an impressive finish. The price of striping may vary depending on what other services are needed to complete the project.
  • Traffic: While this may not be an issue with a small lot, the time needed to paint a large parking lot will require roping off recently painted areas to traffic. Once the paint dries, the crew will open this area and close off another section until that paint dries. This service may add to the basic price.
  • Pavement Markings: These are markings other than parking stalls, such as arrows, pedestrian pathways, and numbering/lettering. The number of pavement markings and their complexity will affect the project’s duration as well as cost.
  • New Paint: Painting a new or repaved lot will be more expensive than restriping because a new lot layout will need to be conducted. This service will consider laws/ordinances, lot size, traffic flow, and number of customers on a busy day to create an efficient parking lot design that meets business and community needs. Undeniably though, a newly-paved parking lot with crisp painted lines looks sharp and is highly attractive.

There are other considerations that may add to the time and cost of a large parking lot project, such as type of paint preferred, asphalt repairs needed, and the types of vehicles (passenger cars, semi-trucks etc.) that routinely travel the lot. Although it is an investment, a fine parking lot can really drive sales and drastically help a business succeed.

To make your business’s parking lot safe, efficient, and attractive, please contact A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing. Our professionals will detail all your options and give you a smart estimate. Your business can budget for a great looking parking lot now and far into the future.

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