Three Reasons To Rely on Asphalt Sealing Companies

Asphalt driveways and parking lots can last for many years, and look great, if they are properly maintained. Neglected asphalt begins to crack and separate, which affects the appearance of the entire property. An ambitious homeowner, or maintenance crew might attempt to seal the asphalt and halt further damage. However, results will vary, and there’s no guarantee the job will be adequate. Smart property owners rely on asphalt sealing companies for three important reasons.

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Asphalt Sealing Equipment

Most people aren’t trained to operate asphalt sealing equipment properly. If the asphalt sealing machine is operated incorrectly, or in an unsafe manner, injuries and damage will occur. What’s more, there is a specific way in which the equipment must be cleaned after the job is complete. A legitimate asphalt sealing company uses high-quality, well maintained equipment run by trained professionals. That means there won’t be damage to surrounding areas, the project will be finished in a shorter amount of time and there won’t be any cleanup.

Asphalt Sealing Products

There are several different types of asphalt sealing products available in home improvement stores. Asking a store employee about what type of sealer you should buy might help. But, odds are, they aren’t experienced enough to give you that kind of advice or the correct asphalt sealing cost. Asphalt sealing companies like A1 Asphalt Professionals, however, will know what asphalt sealing products will work best for your parking lot or driveway. What’s more, the products and installation are generally guaranteed or under warranty giving you peace of mind.

When To Re-Seal

In order to maintain the smooth appearance and usability of your asphalt, it needs to be sealed on occasion. The big question is, just how often? If you wait too long, what are the consequences? These questions are best answered by a professional after a thorough inspection. Based on the amount of use, types of vehicles and a host of other factors, they can calculate how often your asphalt needs to be sealed. This way, you’ll avoid costly repairs, or replacement, in the future.

Your asphalt driveway or parking lot deserves the same type of care that you put into the rest of the property. Our family owned business loves helping property owners just like you. We proudly serve St. Louis and cities within a 50 mile radius, including Ballwin, Glen Carbon, Mascoutah, Webster Groves, Fairview Heights, Collinsville and more!

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