The Benefits of a Concrete Patio

If you plan to extend your living space into the outdoors this spring, installing a concrete patio is a great option. While it is just one of many options available to you, here are some of the benefits that make it an excellent choice.concrete patio, benefits of a concrete patio, a1 asphalt pros

Durability of concrete patios

A concrete patio is particularly durable against anything nature can throw at it. It does not rot or warp, and there are no pests, molds or other natural elements that can quickly breakdown concrete. It is an option that can outlast any other outdoor building material.

Versatility of a concrete patio

Concrete offers unlimited design options for your patio. There are a wide variety of decorative methods and color options available that enable you to customize your concrete patio.

You can stain, stamp or texturize concrete to create a wide range of designs. It can even be poured to mimic the look of brick, flagstone, slate and other pricey materials at a fraction of the cost. Your concrete patio can also be color coordinated to match your home’s exterior or landscaping.

Concrete patio affordability

A concrete patio is a more cost-effective alternative to a brick or natural stone patio, which is more labor-intensive to install. It also costs much less than a wood deck, which costs a pretty penny to install and maintain.

Concrete Patios are low maintenance

A concrete patio does not require regular maintenance. In fact, a well-built concrete patio can last over 25 years without much upkeep, while holding its value for that period. Applying a quality concrete sealer every few years will protect it from stains and from fading due to UV exposure.

This spring, transform your yard with a decorative concrete patio. It is an investment that will not only add beauty and value to your backyard, but also provide many years of outdoor enjoyment with friends and family. To get started, contact us for an estimate.