Concrete is the material of choice used to build the ramps found in many warehouses and loading bays. It’s a permanent installation that’s suitable for the loading and off-loading of trucks. However, most of these areas take a lot of abuse due to the weight and movement of loading machinery, eventually causing the ramps to deteriorate and become unusable. Hiring a contractor for your business with experience in concrete ramp repairs and installations is the best way to ensure your investment will last.

Why to use Concrete Ramps in Warehouses

Concrete ramps are ideal for warehouses since they have great tire traction. The material absorbs water and reduces the chance of slipping on the surface, even when there is a build-up of oil and gasoline. It’s also durable and able to handle the pressure and weight of heavy machinery such as forklifts, carts, and trucks.

Also, warehouses of any size can easily customize ramps on the location and where they are intended, such as front, back, side entrances, floor levels, parking lots, and loading bays. A proper, skilled installation ensures the loading and movement of vehicles is much easier and safer.

Importance of Safe Loading Areas

Warehouse owners should ensure their concrete ramps are in excellent condition to improve the efficiency and safety standards of the facility. Proper maintenance and repairs are necessary, because once cracks begin to show on or around these ramps, the surface will deteriorate quickly because of its regular, heavy use. Making even seemingly minor repairs will help, and will end up saving you money – and time – over having to fully replace the ramp in the future.

Not only will regular maintenance save money, it will also help keep employees and others safe.

Our Services

At A1 Professional Asphalt and Sealing, we offer concrete services in the St. Louis area, including designing and installing new concrete ramps, and repairing existing surfaces on commercial properties.

Working with us is a better option because we strive for perfection and quality. For repairs on concrete ramps, our experts carefully assess the current surface, ascertain the level of deterioration, and deliver a quality finished product.

Contact us today, and we will ensure that the concrete ramps in your warehouse are built to your unique needs and specifications.

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