The appearance of the entrance and parking lot play a vital role in the impression your visitors have of your business. Equally, if not more important, is the safety the condition of your commercial asphalt provides for traffic at your facility. A poorly constructed parking lot or one with pitting, cracking and potholes can damage vehicles and raise insurance costs.

Parking lots are designed to withstand the impact of use but there are certain environmental effects that cannot be avoided.

How does weather damage asphalt?

One of the most common damaging factors for commercial asphalt is oxidation. This happens when the chemical makeup of the asphalt is compromised, permitting the bonding agents to deteriorate. It is caused by:

  • heat
  • extreme cold and freezing
  • rainfall and flooding
  • UV rays from the sun

Insufficient drainage can wreak havoc on your paved lot because this type of surface is not designed to manage pools of standing water. It eventually leaches through cracks and absorbs into the substrate materials, causing swelling and upheaval.

Preventing weather damage.

Unfortunately, there is simply no way of avoiding the effects of weather! As a business owner or property manager, your only recourse is regular maintenance. Failure to repair visibly damaged sections through asphalt patching or to schedule regular asphalt sealing only leads to further deterioration. Ignore these problems long enough and you will face a complete, full-depth reclamation repair, costing your business more money. Correcting the current damage before is the ideal solution to stop further deterioration.

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