​St. Louis weather, as well as wear and tear on your roadways and parking lots can cause pothole damage. Learn how A1 Asphalt can help!

We all know what potholes are and the dangers they can pose for people and their vehicles if left unchecked. As St. Louis business owners, we also know that they are relentless and often come right back after being fixed, and we can be liable for the damages they cause. But what actually causes potholes? Is it the change in St. Louis weather that causes the asphalt to expand and then contract? What can we do to design roads and parking lots in St. Louis that aren’t prone to potholes? And how can we fix these nuisances once and for all?

How Do Potholes Form?

Potholes form through a combination of the aging pavement, weather, and traffic loads. All of these factors come together to form these pesky holes, which can have damaging effects on your St. Louis business location and reduce your customers wanting to come in to your store. Combined with our strange St. Louis weather, pavement on your parking lots and roadways flexes under the load of heavy vehicles. The heavier the vehicle, the more it moves, and the higher the traffic, the more cycles it undergoes. When the asphalt is new, it can flex with the load and take the abuse.

As it ages, pavement becomes brittle, and that stress starts forming cracks in the asphalt. Water then seeps into the cracks and soaks into the roadbed, eroding it. The continuing traffic works to pump more water into the roadbed, exacerbating the problem.

As the roadbed erodes, the asphalt sinks into the cavity left behind. The asphalt is stressed more and cracks even more. The holes are formed when entire chunks of the asphalt come loose.

How Do We Rix Potholes?

A1 Asphalt & Sealing, LLC specializes in pothole patching and asphalt repairs in St. Louis Our team works with St. Louis business owners to determine the best approach. Usually, we can do these repairs one of two ways:

Infrared Pothole Repairs

The process of Infrared Pothole repairs involves heating the asphalt to a working temperature of 300 degrees, penetrating the asphalt to a depth of 3″ to 4″. After removing deteriorated asphalt and raking in new asphalt, our team of asphalt experts compact the area with a vibratory roller. The process ties the edges of the new patch to the surrounding asphalt with minimal to no seams. The finished pavement has the same or better life expectancy as the surrounding asphalt.

Asphalt Patching

In order to prevent damaged asphalt areas from quickly spreading and becoming extremely costly, the St. Louis Paving Experts at A1 Asphalt also offer small pothole and other large area asphalt patching. Small potholes can be easily repaired by a simple compacted asphalt patch, while larger damaged areas can be completely milled out and relayed with new asphalt.

While we know that Asphalt paving and pothole repairs can seem costly to most St. Louis business owners, A1 Asphalt has simple and affordable solutions to repair your pavement, parking lots and roadways within your budget. If you have any more questions about your commercial asphalt work, pothole repairs, or other St. Louis pavement needs, contact us at A1 Professional Asphalt & Sealing, LLC.

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