Do you sometimes look at your friend’s and neighbor’s outdoor living spaces with envy?

Would you like to invite guests over but are admittedly too embarrassed about the rotting wood patio or the sloppy, weed infested stone patio you installed yourself? A concrete patio may be right for you! Concrete patios are an economical, durable, functional, attractive, and low maintenance option for your outdoor entertaining space. Installing a brick or stone patio can be very expensive by comparison. The materials used are more expensive per square foot, and the installation itself is more difficult, meaning higher labor costs.

More durable than wood patios, are concrete patios. They are more lower maintenance, slip resistant, do not rot over time like wood patios do, and they are not as easily damaged by falling or burning debris. Also, concrete patios are more functional than other types of patios because they have a flat, smoother surface. Wood decks need frequent attention, including staining and sealing, and dealing with the debris that gets stuck in the cracks. It is more pleasant to sit on a chair or sit at a picnic table when it is not wobbly like it can be when those items are on an uneven surface of a brick or stone patio.

If you are looking for a more attractive, smooth and even patio then concrete is the way to go. They can be installed to your liking, be it with straight lines and square corners, perfectly round, or curving neatly around existing structures or other landscaping. Concrete patios are a great way to expand your living space, increase your comfort, improve the value of your home and cut down on the time you spend mowing your yard! The time is right to create the backyard you have always wanted, so contact us today!