A1 Asphalt is excited to inform our customers that we have recently added asphalt curbing to our extensive list of services. Asphalt curbing can be installed atop any existing asphalt surface and protects your surfaces from unnecessary damage through all seasons while helping improve the appearance of your location.


Asphalt curbing follows the contour of your unique surface design. Demarcation, created by curbing, promotes safety in a variety of scenarios. Parking lot curbs deter vehicles from driving off the asphalt surface, while a curb along a pedestrian walkway deters people from stepping onto a busy street. Asphalt curbing ensures the surfaces at your location are easily navigable. Curbing is also aesthetically pleasing, giving your surface a finished look with either a flat or rounded top. The height of asphalt curbing may vary.


Asphalt curbing helps add necessary protection to your surface. For parking lots, athletic courts, pedestrian walkways, and bike paths, curbing can direct water run-off to avoid flooding, keeping your surface safe and clean. Curbing may also be added around landscaping to help prevent erosion and can also prohibit plants from overflowing, maintaining a neat and tidy appearance.

During winter months, curbing can protect your surfaces from plow damage. A snow-covered curb, when struck by a plow, will abruptly indicate the boundary of an asphalt surface and will prevent debris from the plow from reaching the adjacent lawn. Curbs are also quite durable against winter elements. And, when the snow melts, you will not see surprise rock piles or plow indentations in the grass or surrounding landscape.

Experienced Contractor

Our experienced team at A1 Asphalt is ready to create asphalt curbing for your surface. Contact us to learn more about curbing, or for more information about our other asphalt services. We will assess your unique project and provide a timely estimate to get the job done. Let us start your surface improvements today!

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